Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elfin' good time

I have a Thanksgiving update to do, but I just got this link and wanted to share it - HILARIOUS!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Anyone have any meat recipes???????

Well, I thought I'd start with a request to all those good cooks out there who have volumes and volumes of treasured recipes... send your meat recipes my way because this is what my EXTRA freezer looks like right now!!! We received the elk and deer meat back from the processer and now we're set to feed an army!!! Are you done laughing? ...because we still have an antelope to hunt, kill and process too!!! I have "Elkburger Helper" on the stove as I type!

Halloween has come and gone and although it is by far my least favorite holiday, the boys had fun trick or treating on Main Street here in Park City where the stores all give out candy.

Here they are in the yard before we left. So fun!

Here we are on Main Street. Now that's a shooter!!!

We're all loaded up to go home and get loaded up on CANDY. You can't see it, but Andrew was already digging in.

Lucas is growing like crazy. I know, I say that every time I post. I tell all my friends that it is not fair that our last baby has to grow so quickly. I LOVE the baby stage. It's hard to describe or put into appropriate words, but I took a picture of him nursing one morning this week and, well... how could you not love this????

He isn't rolling over from back to front yet, but he's very close. When Hunca Munca and Pop Pop came out this summer, they brought a treasure for Lucas from when Kenyon was a baby. It is a cute stuffed yellow sunshine that hangs on the wall and you can wind up to play music. I hung it next to his changing table and now when he gets changed, he grabs it right from the wall.

Here are a couple of other cute shots from this week:

Also, Kenyon has a week-long meeting in Pittsburgh this week, so he flew in early over the weekend to see his family, who lives only two hours away. Andrew was so upset when he heard that Daddy was going to get to see Hunca and Pop Pop and he could not go with! So, he had a plan.

But when that didn't work, he was not happy (understatement). This video is for my friend Karen Zeigler who, after reading my last post said, "Life always looks so perfect at the Sweeney house." Karen, picture this - about eight times a day.

Cameron chose to play basketball this season and is having a blast on his team "The Kings". He is a super passer this year and assists more than he shoots. Here he is helping his team score.

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