Thursday, August 26, 2010

yellow school bus day

During the last couple of years I could be often heard saying, "It's a yellow school bus day!"  That meant that home schooling was particularly challenging that day.

P1060054 Today was the real deal.  My fourth grader The Hunter and my second grader Sauce started school today.   And all the anticipation we've been feeling for weeks and months ended.

We had a great morning.  Mom woke up before everyone else due purely to nerves so I could get showered and ready first.  We woke up the boys at 6:45 and they hopped right up and got dressed in the clothes they excitedly laid out last night.

We then huddled up with blankets in our chilly living room for our family Bible time.  We took this recommendation from the book "Going Public" by David and Kelli Pritchard.  We've been reading together on and off all summer, but plan to do this every morning before school from here on out.  Five Psalms and one chapter of Proverbs each morning.

It's so fun to hear the examples that the boys apply to God's word.  There is truth at every maturity level.

Then they all hopped up to the breakfast bar and devoured some cereal.  I ushered them upstairs to get hair combed and teeth brushed.  We took the lunches that I made last night out of the refrigerator and put them in their backpacks and headed off for the bus.

A couple of neighbors were gathered at the end of our street waiting for our bus driver Joe.






Unfortunately, Squirt is three-going-on-seven and thought he was going with his brothers on the cool school bus.

Not so, youngling.


I didn't want to cry in front of the neighbors need to cry with all the tears that Squirt was spilling.  But I caught my Beloved choked up as the bus doors closed.

Friday, August 20, 2010

a debt

I decided to get decked out this morning with my three pieces of baby jewelry. The gift I received from my beloved after our little blond Rufus was born is a gorgeous sapphire and diamond bracelet.

The Hunter noticed it immediately because I don't wear it that often (I don't know why. I am vowing to wear it more often). He asked where the bracelet was from and I explained the story.

"Daddy gave it to me to thank me for giving him Rufus." I explained.

"What did you give him?" he asked.

"His boys!" I explained. "You all grew in my body and I gave birth to you."

"Yeah, but mom, he gave you the sperm!"

"Oh sorry, you're right. I should get him a thank you gift for that,
shouldn't I?"

I guess I am glad my nine year old still thinks sperm contribution is a big sacrifice for creating a family.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

one week left - summer highlights

One week from today marks the first official day of classroom school for my little men.


I really have no idea what to expect.  I think they are going to like it and that they will have a great experience.  But, I have no idea how much homework will be brought home each night, how busy I will be during the week with school involvements, or whether it will be a great choice or a royal failure.

One more week of summer vacation, but today is a cold, rainy day making me appreciate the fun we had in the last couple of months.



Our stream was roaring this spring and the boys came up with the idea to float down it in an old inflatable baby bath tub.  Keep in mind that this water is snow melt, in other words, no matter how warm the summer gets, the stream is always ice cold!!!

The stream is behind our house, but off the front of our house across the cul-de-sac is a city golf course.  Our street borders one side of the fifth fairway and the other side is bordered by a historical and beautiful farm property with the ski resort right behind it.  We had some great sunsets this summer.

Red barn pics 8-10

Thursday, August 5, 2010

can he really be three?

I've been hearing from more than one parent relative friend reader that I have been missed during my hiatus.  Unfortunately, my blog brings me no income, so it is not (yet?) a job for me.

Parenting my four boys, however, is my full time job and with our busy summer schedule of camps, swimming, playing, vacation, and some more playing, I simply released blogging from my list of priorities.  I really wanted my boys to enjoy their summer before they start public school this fall.

It felt good.  But I'm glad a few of you missed me.

P1050822 I must rewind and commemorate our little Squirt's third birthday in late June.  Our favorite Aunt Louie came out for a nice long visit to celebrate and enjoy Park City in the summer.

Being the cheapskate that I am, I've never really put on big productions for any of my kids' birthday parties.  But this is likely my LAST chance to celebrate a three year old in our home, so.....

This year, via a raffle, I wound up with a gift certificate for use of our town's indoor field house.  A perfect place for lots of little ones to run around.  For a small fee, I added some bounce houses to the mix and proceeded to invite everyone who I thought I might be able to convince to come.


Squirt had been talking about an "Elmo Berday" for months, so Elmo was our theme.  Dorothy and Mr. Noodle even came along to decorate his cake.


We wound up with nearly 50 people.  We had a blast.

See for yourself.

The birthday boy.


Jenny, Deb, and Jessalyn with little Cordelia.


Christa, me, and Jenny


There were so many kids, it was impossible to get a picture of all of them.  Here's a handful:  Sawyer, Parker, Squirt, and Silas.


Sweet Maggie playing with Squirt.


The Hunter with his friend Ellie.  These two have been the best of friends since before they could walk.  Now they are starting FOURTH GRADE!!!!


A long line of cake eaters.


Gentry and Sawyer.  Little sister, big brother.



This was the point when Aunt Louie said, "Maybe I could just move out here and you could convince all your friends to keep having babies."

To which my friends all shouted, "Okay!  Yes!  Please do that!  How soon can you make that happen?"


Singing Happy Birthday to my little man.  This picture speaks volumes to me.  I tear up whenever I look at it because I can see how my heart felt.


Make a wish!





These were the three women who helped me labor and birth this big boy.  Erin, Ashley, and Jenny.


P1050806Because we had such a large party, I had to carefully plan the subject of gift giving.  Squirt really did not need one more solitary toy, not to mention the stress and selfishness that comes out when a three year old opens gifts.

I also wanted to acknowledge in a tangible way our gratefulness for our healthy family, for living always in plenty, for never wondering if my boys were going to get enough to eat each day, and for so much more.

I made the request on the invitation to please not bring a gift for Squirt.  Instead, I gave the option to our guests to contribute to Compassion's Child Survival Program that my friend from college Julie and her husband have started.

We decided that we would match the funding that we received at the party and I am pleased to say that we will be donating a total of $170 toward these moms and babies in great need.

It was a wonderful way to top off our celebration.

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