Thursday, January 7, 2010




For immediate sale, one nearly nine year old boy.

Fiercely independent.

Does not like school in any way, shape, or form.

Delights in being the boss of his brothers.

Doesn't particularly like going to bed when told OR getting up with everyone else in the morning.

Consistently sprinkles when he tinkles.

Wants to grow his hair long like all the ragamuffin looking pre-teen boys.

Likes to play with messy toys with small parts such as Legos and K'Nex, in addition to creating junk with trash also resulting in a mess.

Did I mention he doesn't like school?

All reasonable offers will be considered, including a perfect little girl who sits still during school hours, plays dollies instead of war or hunting, and doesn't think fart noises are hilarious.

All sales final.


  1. Um, yes. Please let me know how this works out for you.

    I'm afraid I don't have anything to trade! :)

  2. Although you make an excellent sales pitch... I think I'll be keeping my ladies. :)

    Rough day, huh?

  3. Ha ha...
    You know the show "wife swap"? Maybe we can do boys swap ... after some (math torture) time with us maybe your 8 y.o. will love school back home! =)

  4. Great blog, Laur. Great to have a window into your world. I love your writing. And while I couldn't trade for your 8-year-old, I could provide a great playmate. Luke LOVES legos and hates going to bed!I'm going to bookmark your blog now. :) Jules

  5. funny, but from what I've known of him, he's a keeper. Send him a hunt'n

  6. send him my way...he might change his ways after public school for a week! :) and we have plenty of leggos..i throw them away when i step on them.

  7. I'll pay handsomely, name your price! I don't think I could handle schooling him though, off to public school he would go! You are a saint!!!

  8. I've heard that we mothers of boys are paying our dues now and won't have it so hard in the teen years. I tell myself this to make it through.

  9. I know a great boarding school that specializes in attitude adjustments for first born boys. Send him now and they return him when he is 18!

  10. your thoughts on a hard day - i've been there...and the long hair - we've done got too long though and got stuck in his goggles...then he wanted to cut it. hope today is a good day!

  11. Just for the record, our girl thinks fart noises are hilarious too.

  12. Hope today is a new day for you....and your lego loving lad.

  13. Oh my goodness.... That is so funny. I have thought of that so many times, and told Jake that I was going to sell his first born on E-bay.. Maybe it's a first born thing. Love to read your blog..

  14. Name your price! Your first born remind me of my first born 25 years ago. Like father like son.

    He looks more like his dad each day and behaves as his dad as well.

    Hugs and kisses
    Hunca Munca

    P.S. loved the Christmes videos It was like being there.

  15. I'll pay any price I can afford!! My last baby boy went back to his Sophomore year at Purdue yesterday and I'm definitely suffering again from empty nest syndrome!! I love his big heart - his sweet smile and his big hug!! I know he would be very bored here without his brothers, but I will take him for sure, before I will let him go to the next higher bidder!!!
    Love, love, love,
    Grandma Jellybean


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