Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog via phone

So, I have this new fancy dancy android phone. It's no iphone, but I love it so far. I have a little blogging app and have yet to try it out, so here we go!

Hanging out at Sportman's Warehouse to appease my Beloved this morning. We have Squirt with us and only Squirt. Strange, right? My in-laws are visiting and have taken the three big boys for a fun adventure that has something to do with lunch and a botanical garden.

We chose a minor league baseball game in the warm sunshine to fill the time. Somehow getting there took us right past the hunting gear store. Never a quick stop where testosterone is concerned. I have written this entire post while waiting at customer service while a special order is placed by my man for the specific camo shirt that will make all the difference come autumn.

I was enlightened to find out that string bikinis are produced in mossy oak camo pattern. My man was also enlightened to find out he could keep dreaming anout ever seeing me in one.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

the new chapter

My own life experience has taught me grand lessons about how I should respond to others when news is shared with me.

For example:

Someone says, "I'm pregnant!"

You DON'T say:  "Was it planned?" or "Again?" or "Do you know how that happens?" or "Boy, you'll really have your hands full!" or "Are you done after this one?"

You say, "Congratulations!  That is wonderful news and I am so happy for you and your family."

FYI, I'm not pregnant.  But hopefully, you can see my point.

We have been sharing some news that has been provoking some equally inappropriate responses though.

We have decided that this is the year that our children are going to give classroom learning a try.  We have been home schooling for the entirety of our parenting experience and fully believe that home schooling is a wonderful choice for education.

The Hunter is finishing third grade this week.  I've said before that it has been a tough year.  He is changing in several ways, but we saw that he was not thriving from learning at home.  We know that school options have benefits and drawbacks on both sides and we watched the weights shift on the scale.

He has reached a point that we feel he would really benefit from learning from someone other than Mom me, as well as facing the social pressure and consequences that will force him to work harder and press forward.

Additionally, I have always been quite open about the fact that I really felt that we would eventually get to this point.  I don't have anything fundamentally against the public school setting and at the right time, I think it will work well for our family.

Last month, we read this book and it has really pumped me up for the positive experience that public school can be as a whole.  The authors have eight children and have had a great public school experience.

They clearly say it is not without challenges or trials, but are very encouraging about how to navigate those challenges with faith and integrity.

One of the authors' key points is that it is crucial to be involved in your children's school.  I identified completely with that point because our sweet Rufus has attended a little co-op preschool for the last two years (and will be wearing his little graduation cap this Friday BOO!!).

I have spent this year as a part of the parent board that keeps the co-op running and I have loved it!  It has not been without hardship and sacrifice, but the time getting to know other parents and working hard to better this school that I have fallen in love with has all been well worth it.

It was so worth it that I signed up for another year on the board when my baby Squirt will start preschool this fall.

I have had a taste of what it feels like to be involved and make a difference in a school, as well as to have a presence there.  My son knows that I know what is happening at school, and therefore, with him.  Plus, I have watched Rufus thrive.

So, can you tell I'm excited about this decision?  Can you tell that we haven't made it easily or without thought and lots of prayer?

I have had an interesting experience collecting memorable responses from  people who obviously haven't learned the, "Congratulations!  That's great news and I'm so happy for you and your family," lesson.

"Do you just have too many kids?" or "Did you get overwhelmed?" or "Well, I'll pray for you." weren't really the responses I was looking for.  After hearing some of these, I almost kissed the friends (not coincidentally, my closest friends and family) who responded with excitement for ME and MY family and OUR decision.

And as of Wednesday, I'm going to start thoroughly enjoying our summer vacation.  Because come September, I'm diving in!

Friday, May 14, 2010

absent in blog but present in life

I am fully aware that my blog has been ignored.  I'm sure I'm going to see The Department of Blog and Internet Services at my door in my email box shortly with charges of negligence.

I am desperately trying to finish out our school year and keep up with our weekend travels and chores.

I think of blogging and sometimes feel overwhelmed.  I have too much to say; I have nothing profound to say; I have too many other things to do; I'm just too darn tired and lazy; I'd rather watch my DVR shows.

I have plenty of excuses.  Which one would you like?

You're not getting much else out of me today, but come next week, my plan is to fill you in on some big happenings in our family, as well as my annual wedding anniversary post (think "he said - she said").

I will leave you with my favorite photo of the week.

My sweetie pie Squirt who was my bus partner at Zion National Park
last weekend.


Monday, May 3, 2010

motherhood defined

Mother's Day is coming up and We Are THAT Family is hosting a contest to define motherhood in picture form.

I remember the first touch.  I pulled my baby out from my own body.  My face is not even in the picture, but when I look at this, I see nothing else but my hands pulling him out.

I remember consciously feeling his lower half still inside me, and purposefully reaching down to bring him out into the world.

I remember his hot little body and his short cry of protest until I cuddled him on my chest and announced to the room that we had a precious boy.  I kissed his wet little forehead and held him close.

Although I believe you are a mother from the moment a life is conceived, this moment is becoming a mother.

He couldn't be put back and my life was forever changed.

For the better.


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