Friday, May 14, 2010

absent in blog but present in life

I am fully aware that my blog has been ignored.  I'm sure I'm going to see The Department of Blog and Internet Services at my door in my email box shortly with charges of negligence.

I am desperately trying to finish out our school year and keep up with our weekend travels and chores.

I think of blogging and sometimes feel overwhelmed.  I have too much to say; I have nothing profound to say; I have too many other things to do; I'm just too darn tired and lazy; I'd rather watch my DVR shows.

I have plenty of excuses.  Which one would you like?

You're not getting much else out of me today, but come next week, my plan is to fill you in on some big happenings in our family, as well as my annual wedding anniversary post (think "he said - she said").

I will leave you with my favorite photo of the week.

My sweetie pie Squirt who was my bus partner at Zion National Park
last weekend.



  1. Oooo...looking forward to next week! (but, no pressure-- well, ok- maybe just a little...)

  2. You can still tell the story about my comments to Kenyon when he asked for your hand. It makes a good anniversary tale. Love. Dad

  3. I am looking forward to hearing what is going on in your life. I pray that God is working in your family's life and that He will use you for His Glory! Jules

  4. The Zwahlens have kittens. I told them they should just bring over a few and take care of your little problem!


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