Tuesday, May 13, 2008

another sign summer is coming

Hunter and I took our long, nappy heads to the hair dresser today. Hunter's hair is so thick and grows so quickly that when it's long we can't do anything with it. My hair was in the world of the eternal ponytail. Aside from the family photo shoot above, I pretty much throw it into a wet ponytail after a shower each day. Not anymore! My awesome hairdresser had strict orders to CHOP IT OFF!!!

We're ready, now where's summer again???


  1. You look amazing. Such a cute cut. Brendan looks older too. You are such a sassy mama. Thanks for the picture, you did that fast.

  2. LOVE your haircut! Funny; we just scheduled our appts. for tomorrow with a friend who cuts our hair. Bennett's hair is just like Brendan's, and right now, it's a mess.

    I'm in my brother's wedding in four weeks, and then my hair is getting chopped off, too. This is the longest it's been in years and I can't handle it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. WOW!!!! Handsome young man and absolutely beautiful daughter.

  4. Wow! You BOTH look GREAT!
    a friend in NC thru your entries

  5. laurie! You look great! I love the new hair-do. You both look fresh and ready for summer. Enjoy your sassy self : ) I bet you have some more spunk now...

  6. Love the do!! Did you fix it today or put it in a clip - does it fit in a clip! Love your recent entries, Queen Blogger!!

  7. You both have the blessing, no I mean curse, of our thick, frizzy but not quite curly enough hair. I have once again grown my hair to have the forever pony tail and it is very easy to manage day to day. That is a great haircut, and you and Brendan look GREAT.

  8. Oh. My. Word. That do is YOU! Love, love, love it!!! Brendan, you're adorable, too!

  9. HOT!! HOT MAMA!!! Lookin' good and lookin' sassier than ever. Watch out Kenyon! Have a fun anniversary weekend. Don't need details.

  10. You are a brave, brave woman! It looks adorable - good for you!

  11. What a cute blog you have...and great hair!

  12. Thanks for your visit and comment at my site--it's always great to meet another mom of sons!

    Love the new 'dos!

  13. I found your blog via a comment you left at Embracing My Cup. I love your family pic and your new haircut is so cute.

    I'll be back to read more. Have a great day.


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