Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a must read!!!

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry did an awesome summary about comments on blogs - you must take the time to read this.

More fun from the world of testosterone coming soon...


  1. After reading that, I guess it would be really rude of me to NOT leave a comment, eh?

    I confess I very rarely leave comments on people's blogs; sometimes because other people have already said what I would have said, sometimes because I don't agree with the blogger, sometimes because I don't think that the blogger is interested in my opinion. I confess it makes my day when people comment on my blog, though, especially since I don't post on it very often. It DOES feel good to know someone else is interested enough in you to read what you write.

    So for what it's worth, Laurie, I'll try to write something every time I read your blog.

  2. great article! thanks for the 'reminder' to leave a comment-i enjoy following your family's journey!

  3. OK...busted. I love to leave comments...leave them all the time. Just can never seem to get them to post. This bleeping thing doesn't like my password, or my I spend all this time formulating a wonderful comment and then can never leave it. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? I set up a new account...AGAIN! It probably is just me....

  4. I realize I already commented on this once, but after reading the blog again and more contemplation, I feel I have to add this.

    The woman who wrote that blog made a comparison between writing a blog post and giving a personal heartfelt speech. I think she is missing a key difference between a blog and a conversation. Face-to-face conversation ("face time") is the highest level of communication that exists between humans. It involves sacrifice of time and location: you have to set aside part of your day to be with that other person. By placing that other person as a priority, you are allowed to expect feedback, verbal and nonverbal cues, maybe a quick hug... all the things that make for quality time together.

    A blog, while worthwhile, has none of these things. There is no "face time," there is no one-on-one. A blog is a FANTASTIC way to let people know how you're doing, what you've been thinking about, how the kids are, etc. But it can't take the place of an intimate heartfelt talk. A blog can't have the same perks and benefits as a personal conversation because it ISN'T one.

    So while I agree that it does feel good to have comments posted on your blog, I don't think that deciding NOT to comment is the same sin as being uncommunicative with someone who's standing right in front of you. By making use of the convenience of blogs, you have to give up some of the fringe benefits of talking to everyone one person at a time, and feedback is one of those things.


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