Thursday, May 29, 2008

Extra Credit

I have realized that I fell short on my curriculum design in my last post. I've added an additional section for extra credit. It outlines as follows:

1. When using the bathroom, please use the toilet to pee in. Please do not pee in the trash can just for fun or for reasons you "don't know."

2. Before peeing in the toilet, please lift the seat.*

3. Please aim your stream of pee DOWN into the toilet. For reasons women cannot understand, your pee often ends up here:

4. The wonderful modern technology of toilets allows us to NOT have to live with the smell of our bodily waste. PLEASE FLUSH when you finish.

*In our home, because I do not like sitting on a wet toilet seat am outnumbered, I lift the seat when I am done, so this shouldn't be such a challenge to all of my men.


  1. Oh, Laurie, I feel your pain!

    This is why I so badly want a locker room bathroom with urinals and the ability to spray the place down with a hose if I want to. This isn't so that my boys don't have to learn good manners; it's so I don't lose my mind.

  2. You are so funny. love you Laur

  3. Hey! How did you get a picture of our toilet??? Oh wait, you mean it's like that in other houses too? What a relief!

  4. ah Laurie, I hear ya! Why can't pee make it into the toilet?! Really - I wonder. I often find that yellow/brown stain on the floor as well. In fact, the other day Jeremy announced that "I didn't get potty on the floor - only on the wall!"

  5. I can't even imagine, at our house the kids bathroom is terrible with only one boy. Why is aiming so difficult for males?

    I always say "you can go golfing and hit a tiny ball into a tiny hole from far away, but you can't make your pee go into the toilet?"

    Something is not right.


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