Tuesday, May 27, 2008

crucial school curriculum

You know, I'm fairly new at this homeschooling stuff. In the last couple of weeks I think I have seen a gaping hole in early elementary curriculum. But don't worry, I'm up to the task - I've adapted and added my own content.

We've had to cover three major lessons - simple but important:
1. Do not drink your pee.
2. Do not pee in the corner of your bedroom so many times that mom has to rip up the carpeting and the tack strip because it is so saturated with pee. To avoid confusion when discerning that point, do not pee in your bedroom at all.
3. Do not stand on the top railing of the playground in the backyard and pee into the grass.

If I ever write a curriculum someday, I'll be sure to include this unit study.

p.s. girls' weekend anyone??? help!!!


  1. Hilarious. You forgot #4. Do not pee on your brothers. Girl's night is coming - hang in there.

  2. aahh Laurie - with two boys here I am always seeing them peeing outside while they are playing - into our pine tree. I must say, the grass is green there! But, yes, the bedroom should be off limits. OOHH, good luck with that lesson : )

  3. Ahh, the aroma of urine. I can smell it now. Can I come over to your house? I have 3 boys to throw in the mix...

  4. Hmmm, we were good until number three where I'll have to give The Mighty Finn a big fat F. Most recently I caught him dropping trou at the park. . .in the middle of Declan's friend's birthday party. I figure Declan's reputation is ruined for life now.

  5. Count me in for a girls night!!! We just have to do it somewhere between Utah and Tennessee. My only daughter would like to join too and then my 4 boys can stay at home and pee off the deck all they want!
    grace and peace,


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