Tuesday, May 6, 2008

please sir, may I have some more?

I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I could go on, but suffice it to say that all the males in my life are driving me to the looney bin today. To offset my desire to run away and never come back frustration, I thought I would take a moment to write all the things I love about my men both big and small. I'm starting with the tantrum thrower biggest frustration of the morning:

What a great birth experience
CUTE towhead
Says "wuv you too mom" out of the blue
Has got the dance moves
Says "will you pway with me?" as I tuck him in each night
Puts all his clothes on by himself, but backwards

Works SO hard to keep up with two older brothers
Passionately loves his baby brother
Gets excited to be included in anything - little or small
Is a great cuddler, "can I sit in your wap?"

What a helper
Is creative, inventive and a dreamer
Passionate about whatever he loves
Doesn't get down on himself when he's not the best at a sport
Not too cocky when he is really good at a sport
Genuine when praying
Genuine all the time
The first to be a friend to anyone

Best birth experience
Smiley baby
Good sleeper
Adaptable to his brothers' crazy schedules
Gives huge open-mouthed kisses
Snuggles when he's tired
Huge belly laughs at his brothers
Loves the church nursery

My Beloved:
Loves me more than anyone else
Is nearly always the first one to say he's sorry
Works SO hard to succeed
Works SO hard to provide for his big family
Plays hard with the boys
Shares his passions with those he cares about
Is very responsible and proactive with our finances
Is a genuine and life-long friend to those who return the investment
Is fascinated by and thoroughly involved in the birth of each of our children

What a smile!
Contagious laugh
Says "Cameron heart Mom" all the time
Likes to be hugged and cuddled
Is so caring with his brothers
Works hard to be good at what he is passionate about
Is rarely jealous
Learns quickly
Often does helpful things without being asked

Jack: (the dog, yes he's irritating me too)
Friendly to any dog and person he meets
Loves me the most
Plays and makes us laugh
Makes me feel safe when Kenyon is not home
Looks intimidating in the yard when the kids are outside without me

OK, I feel a little better. Not to mention that while I was writing this, Rufus lost tantrum-steam in his room and fell asleep - naked.


  1. Laur, loved this. How do you write with the line through it??? I love that. Thank you for inspiring me to keep my own blog, you are the best. love, Car

  2. Laur, I love this. Thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog. How do you write with the line through it?? I think that is very funny. Love, Car

  3. good idea...our pastor said on sunday that thankfulness drowns out sin...i think its good to remember why we are thankful for these boys in our lives!

  4. Well nurse Rachett, you certainly know how to express your feelings about your men. You are the ispiration and the guide for all the men young and old. The rewards for your work is sometimes not immediate or obvious. You will reap what you sew. A great wife and mother you are.

  5. I tell you Laur, you have a true gift of being able to express yourself with both love and humor -somewhat in the vein of Erma Bombeck. Don't know if any of you young people know of her, but she was really funny and poignant about family life, and wrote a regular column and many books. One I can remember the title of is "The Grass Is Always Greener over the Septic Tank!"

  6. oh laurie,
    a good reminder to us all. remember the positives and the negatives will dissapear.
    love ya


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