Sunday, July 27, 2014


Good morning from the other side of the world!  After many, many hours of traveling and connecting flight to flight, we made it to Hefei, Anhui.

We were thrilled to find our guide Ting Ting waiting for us as we exited baggage claim.  She is a delightful young woman and I can tell already that we will get along great.  She had our private van and driver waiting to take us to our hotel in this city of well over seven million people.  Yes, it very much feels like New York City.

Ting Ting sat in the passenger section of the van with us as we were driven through the city.  She had a very exciting update to give us about our daughter.  She found herself in Megan Mei Li's town just the day before by "coincidence" (not) as she guided another foreign family on a tour of Huainan.  She knew we were arriving, so she took the time to meet Megan's foster family, and interview Megan about her feelings toward being adopted by an American family.

All along, we have been expecting a very ticked off six year old that doesn't want anything to do with us.  Megan Mei Li has been with her foster family since she was nine months old.  She has also endured a disrupted adoption just 16 months ago.  She has every reason to want to stay where it is safe and she knows love.

Our number one prayer for the last several months (other than the #loavesandfishes) has been for Megan Mei Li's adjustment.  We asked that God would go before us and prepare her heart for the transition into our family.

We are grateful that He did that partially through Ting Ting.

She had a great report for us.  Megan Mei Li guided Ting Ting through her red family photo album that we sent to her months ago.  She bragged to Ting Ting as she pointed out, "This is my Mama.  This is my Baba.  I have brothers!  I have a sister!"  She seemed to be very excited about having a sister (although we know her brothers are going to be way more fun for her at this stage).

We took a huge sigh of relief and fought off some tears of gratitude as we heard the story of Ting Ting's visit and looked at the 20+ pictures she took of Megan Mei Li's home and foster family.  We never expected such wonderful news.

The one piece of bad news Ting Ting had for us is that the orphanage director told the foster mother that she must not come to the hand off today.  It was explained that they don't want Megan Mei Li to be upset by saying goodbye to her foster mother.  We disagree and are still praying that we might be surprised to find her there.  I really wanted to sit down and talk with her foster mom and give the matching lockets to them at the same time.

At least Ting Ting thought to get all of the phone and email information for the foster family so that we can Skype and stay in touch.

So, it is nearing six a.m. here in Hefei.  Andrew was a complete trooper through our 22 hours of travel and we are so glad he is here with us.  He is the only one still sound asleep in our room as my Beloved and I are awake and anxious for the day ahead (and maybe some breakfast).

We miss the rest of our crew but with full cell service (thank you T-Mobile), we have been texting and hear that they are all doing well.  Next post will be later today after our "Gotcha!"


  1. Praying that they would allow the foster mom to be there for closure for all - and that if they don't, God will make a way before you leave for the connection.

  2. Such good news, mostly!!! Can't wait to hear more <3


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