Monday, January 4, 2010

if I have any readers left

I have a file full of blog posts started, but not finished.

We have cruised through the Christmas break, not stopping or even slowing down as the new year passed us by like every other moment in time.

My poor blog has been virtually ignored for a few weeks, which is hilarious for two main reasons:

1.  This girl loves to write.
2.  I included my blog address in my Christmas cards this year, so any new readers that checked in here were bored silly.

So, here is my short novel to covered the omitted history:

Chapter One:
P1050002We had an awesome visit with my sister Amy and her family, as well as my mom.  It is tradition that we travel to them every summer and they travel to us every winter.  The boys love hanging with their cousins and Aunt Amy makes them laugh so hard.

Plus they give cooler presents than Mom and Dad do.

Not to mention the little ones get to go wild and crazy.



We did a little skiing, a little tubing, a little eating, gaming, bargain shopping, and a lot of laughing.




Plus, their family brought so many wi-fi gadgets that they crashed our router about 437 times in five days.




For the second year in a row, their trip coincided with Rufus's holiday preschool program.  Here's a snapshot of his five year old cuteness:


Chapter Two:
Family leaves and I spend seven hours getting intimately acquainted with an 1100+ piece Republic Attack Cruiser.


I would never admit that I had several extra pieces when I was done.  Or the height of my frustration when the boys picked it up the next morning and several miscellaneous pieces popped off.


Chapter Three:
We had a wonderful Christmas.  Presents all around!

Chapter Four:
New Year's Eve poker game until 4:15 a.m.  Ouch.

The silver lining was that the Sweeney's kept all the cash when everyone went home.

Pete was not happy about that:
Neither was Rob:

This crazy hat indicated who was the dealer and it made us all laugh:
P1050091 P1050093 P1050106 P1050101

P1050099 Our friends David and Darcy joined our Park City gang and tried their hand at poker. 

They claimed that it was their very first time, but we were all quite suspicious when David won the battle to the death against Christa.

Here is a peek at the action at the table.

David arrived cash-less, so Kenyon and I paid his mighty $5 buy-in at the table.  He then insisted that I keep his winnings.  That's pretty much how generous he and his family are.

I'll still think twice before sitting down at cards with him again!  I think his quick study took everyone by surprise.

The End.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

p.s. might you leave a comment and let me know you're still out there?


  1. Never fear. Those Lego sets come with extra pieces just to mess with your head.

  2. I started reading you...about the time you got busy and stopped writing. I am excited to read more! I too am surrounded by boys...but only 2 little ones and one big one (my husband).

  3. Glad you are back in writing gear. I certainly enjoyed our visit with you all and can't wait to see you all again!
    Love, Mom
    aka Grandma Jellybean

  4. Eva got a toothbrush from her Mom and Dad for Christmas. She's packing her bags to go to Aunt Laurie's house as we speak!

  5. I am still here! And I totally feel your pain with the lego's! We have done that the last few Christmas' and it is always sad to see your hours of hard work fall apart time after time. I am so glad you guys had a good holiday~ we love ya!!

  6. you know i'm here! Loved seeing all the fun you had over Christmas and New Years... I just want to know how you're able to have a poker party, did you have to start playing after 10pm when all the kiddos were down? (well, at our house, the grown-up were down by then too.)

  7. It's about time, you could also pick up the phone!! Just kidding, your hair looks darker and way cute from the lego picture. I miss you. love you tons

  8. Still reading. Glad to see you're back! :)

  9. I'm still here and glad you're back!!

    And I think you're supermom for putting that Lego thing together for the boys. That is NOT my thing.

  10. You should be a news reporter! Love your easy reading writing style. Supermom definitely needs a break from the blog from time to time.
    Loved seeing the wonderment of Christmas morning! What beautiful boys!!!
    Love ya

  11. so...i noticed your darker hair - and i love it!

  12. I'm still out here. . . reading your updates (aka my parenting guide!). Love reading about your boys!!


  13. i sort of could see your new hair color/cut. send me a pic. looks like a great Christmas/new year vacation!


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