Tuesday, May 1, 2012

have a gift? use it!

We really are blessed with an amazing support network.  From beginning (and not ending), we have had families and individuals want to be involved in Joya's adoption.  Contributions of financial gifts, babysitting our boys, mountains of new clothes and hand-me-downs, and a seemingly unending meal train, have all overwhelmed us with unexpected love and support.

strollerI will report to you that the last two nights have been much better as far as sleep is concerned, and whether it lasts or not, we're grateful.  She is a huge fan of her Mommy lately and even showed some stranger danger over the weekend - which warmed my heart.

The support has been consistent and amazing.  After reading my last post, a friend I know from Squirt's preschool pulled me aside and insisted on coming over to clean my house.  She is naturally organized, loves to declutter, (and claims) she enjoys cleaning.

"I can't help you with Joya's adjustment - I know that has to stay within your family - but I CAN clean, and I want to clean.  I'm coming on Monday," she insisted as I squirmed at the thought of her seeing, much less touching, our messes.

pretties Yesterday was Monday and she came straight here after we dropped our boys off for preschool.  She brought her own cleaning supplies and three rolls of paper towels.  She requested some garbage bags to tote along with her and after I gave her a tour of my overwhelming messes, she proceeded to put my home into a clean Half Nelson.

She cleaned every bathroom in the house and decluttered and cleaned every bedroom.  I tried to help but Little Miss was not really helpful to have along.  So, as she ate her snacks in her chair, I cleaned my stovetop, wiped down my appliances, and came when called to sort through piles of treasures and trash.

To top it all off, she emptied out my fridge and washed the inside so it sparkled and smelled good again.

Reluctantly, she had to go pick up her kids at 2:30 and whined and complained like a kid about how disappointed she was that she didn't get to clean the entire house to her standard.

soccer fieldAfter she left, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and inspired to look for opportunities to use my gifts for others (um, my gifts are NOT cleaning, if you were wondering).

When you see an opportunity to help others - just do it.  Get past the discomfort and awkwardness and do it.  When I realized that Cara was not going to let up and I just gave up on hiding my messes, I was again blessed by receiving something I could never have done myself.

So, watch out world.  My house is clean.  I'm inspired.  And I'm grateful.  Thank you Cara!


  1. You have done much the same in other's lives my friend. Love this. Love that sweet little girl.

  2. You make me feel like a rockstar! I was happy to help and enjoyed getting to see Joya cherish her momma :-)

  3. Cara is right on! What an amazing friend! One thing we learned when Finn was sick, it's OK to let others help you out. Repeatedly. Your turn to pay it forward will come. And then, you say, "I'm bringing dinner (cleaning your house, walking your dog, watching your kids, etc.) and I'm coming on..." Our friends know what we need more than we do!

  4. That is awesome! I am so thankful you had one or two good nights. Thinking of you a lot and wishing I was near to do something.
    Love, Jules

  5. She's the best. Like you are. I'm glad you're letting your village take care of you. It gives us pleasure...believe me. Signed, Card Carrying Member of Laurie's Village!

  6. She's the best. Like you are. I'm glad you're letting your village take care of you. It gives us pleasure...believe me. Signed, Card Carrying Member of Laurie's Village!


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