Friday, August 31, 2007

To the park today

Kenyon had the day off today and we went to the park with the dogs. Oh yeah, that's dogS plural. We are a two dog family for the moment. We brought Jack home from the Park City animal shelter two weeks ago and he has been a great addition to our family. He is a 2-3 year old rottweiler and came completely trained, calm and totally sweet. Here are a couple of photos of the day.

I'm still trying to figure out the formatting of this blog, so forgive the sloppy layout so far. Any tips for adding pictures would be appreciated!

I also wanted to show how cute and BIG Lucas John is getting!


  1. your day sounded more fun than mine. I took my kiddos to get their pictures taken together before Noah's front teeth fall out. I have not been so upset with my eldest child in a long while when he spilled a bottle of water on his shirt before pics,(the other two were shirtless all the way to the studio)then I was so hot and sweaty trying to reposition Isaiah back into the pose because he kept crawling away. I am just glad to say I got ONE and that was all I needed. Mission accomplished for at least a year!! Love you Laur

  2. hey laurie...
    cool blogspot...glad to see that your overbearing animal killer is letting you venture "out" into the WWW.
    this will deff be a neat spot to check in on how the Sweeneys are gettin' it done.
    Do work

    Mark C

  3. Looks great! Love the "pink" theme in your blog seeings how you are surrounded by lots of blue. I do have to say, " You have some cuties!" PS Hope you had a Happy Birthday!


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