Saturday, August 30, 2008

an introduction

Hi. Let me introduce myself.

I'm Exhausted Mommy.

I've just finished my first week of being the "learning coach" for my second grader and kindergartener who are in a new virtual charter school. There are no words for how hard it was to get my children back into the school mode this week.

My husband is gone deer hunting for the third weekend in a row and I'm tired of being "ON" from morning until night, seven days a week.

I don't care if we ever eat again and I have given up sweeping up the kitchen floor after a day's worth of meals are over - because they will just be there again tomorrow.

I can't bring myself to wipe the food smears off the breakfast bar where my boys eat many of their meals, because again, they'll show up tomorrow.

I'm Exhausted Mommy because I stay up way too late at night when I'm alone, doing nothing productive, because I simply crave some moments that are about me (while I'm awake).

I'm also Short Tempered Exhausted Mommy because I've been hobbling around for a month with lower back pain that gets a little better and a little worse, depending on the day. Simple Mommy duties such as laying the baby down in his crib hurt me.

And the pain is exhausting me.

The to-do list hanging over my head is exhausting me. Like the invisible dog fence that needs to be repaired and the leaking sprinkler valve that we need to figure out and our television that is at the repair shop will need to be picked up some time this week... I haven't balanced our family budget in two months, and I don't know where that leaves us financially.

I'm tired just thinking about it.

We have five more weeks of soccer (five games a week). The kids LOVE it. But it is a lot of effort for me to get us all there.

I have thank you notes to write and I have a blanket crocheted for my new niece - in my head, because every time I get about a third of the way done with it, I hate it and pull it all out.

It's 8:32 p.m. and the kids are all in bed. My kitchen is as clean as it is going to get tonight.

Maybe I should knock out that budget...

Nope, I'm putting on my jammies and climbing in bed.

"His mercies are new every morning."


  1. Wow! I am so glad that I stopped by your blog to answer your question!!! Your family looks like mine! How fun!! I just wish that you lived down the street so that I could have some good boy mama tutoring!! I often pray that God will give me a role model for being a Godly boy mom. I feel so inadequate most days. I am all girl trying to rear 4 boys that might as well be aliens to me because their ways are often so foreign to me. Like standing on the deck and going tee tee through one of our pool noodles and thinking that this is the funniest thing on earth!! Where, oh where do they come up with this stuff!!!

    Anyway, to answer your question Erik is not an OB. He is a family practice doctor. So, he delivered lots of babies in residency and always said that he wanted to deliver his own one day. Other than our boys, he hasn't delivered a baby since his third year of family practice residency!

    I read down through your blog a bit. Congrats to your sister! I went back and read about the butterfly baby. I am so sorry. I can't even imagine. But, goodness me, little Vivian is beautiful!!!

    God bless your sweet family!! What a happy, cute mama you are with all those darling boys around you!!!

  2. I'm so glad His mercies are new every morning. Thanks for reminding me! I've been dwelling on "the joy of the Lord is my strength" lately, too! Look forward to talking with you soon. Erika

  3. The whole purpose of having a dog is so that you can leave all those crumbs on the floor, isn't it? I mean, now that I have a dog again, I don't have to mop the floor at all, do I? Hang in there're a great wife and mother and I believe that it is perfectly acceptable for our homes to NOT look like museums.


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