Wednesday, May 6, 2009

hold the mayo please

Frugal as we are, we had visited a mini-mart on the way to Giant's Causeway to grab some candy junk food coffee soda water sandwiches (and the equivalent of $120 USD to fill up the tiny little minivan's tank - don't complain about US gas prices!). Upon reaching our little van, we broke open our loot and inhaled it on the way to our next destination.

The Brits commonly take butter on their deli sandwiches, so maybe it was an omen when I received a crooked eyebrow from the woman behind the counter for requesting mayo.

Because after a few bites, I noticed a huge glob on my signature red coat. I soon noticed that it was not only on the collar, but also on my sleeve, leg, and the best part...

on my camera lens.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm pretty much blind to anything up close without my glasses. I did my best, but somehow missed the smear of mayo residue in the middle of my lens.

Hence the pictures. There are no ghosts in these areas, merely the mayo that made its permanent mark on our memories. Thank goodness for digital photography - most of these are stolen copied from our friends' cameras.

On our way to the rope bridge, we stopped at castle remains. I can't tell you anything about this castle except that it had a super-cool tunnel underneath that would have allowed boats to pull right in underneath the castle.



After dodging a groundskeeper who didn't catch us ignoring the signs telling us not to go down in the tunnel, we got on our way to the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.

This bridge links the mainland to a small island and hangs slightly more than 75 feet over the water below. The water was unusually blue and clear and we could see birds diving for food all the way to the ocean floor.

We walked about a mile from the parking lot to the actual bridge and everyone tried to make the crossing as scary and bouncy as possible, but I secretly wished it was a little more dangerous.

P1030872 IMG_1893

Notice Brandon and Andy in the background screwing around!
The Dali-Mama made an appearance waiting for the slowpokes on the trail. I didn't know what do do with all my weather gear when the temperatures got warm!
This marked an end to our road trip. The GPS guided our drive along the country coastal roads all the way back to Dublin.
Our conversation between catnaps was filled with laughter and by the time we arrived back at our Dublin hotel, we all had one of those bonds that could only be created on an impulsive roadtrip adventure.
The next morning we had our official business visit to Guinness (this was an MBA trip, did I mention there were seven business visits?).
It was a true cultural experience to be drunk at 10:30 in the morning.
But you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that story.

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  1. Dali-mama, that's hilarious. Loved all the pictures and seeing you all having so much fun!


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