Thursday, June 25, 2009


A lot changes in two years. This:


Turns into this:



And this:


Turns into this:


Our little Squirt is two today. He has been such a joyful and perfect addition to our family. This boy has made it hard for me to say, "That's it. I'm done."

He has smiles, hugs, and kisses that I can never get enough of.

He is enthusiastic and funny.

He has always been a good eater.

He never cries for me to come and get him out of his crib, but just plays happily until a brother I get around to getting him up.

He adores his brothers.

But he loves his mommy MOST of all (ask any one who babysits for me).

P1040159At two, Squirt is passionate about baseball. We regularly find mitts, bats and balls in his crib. He is more passionate about baseball than Sauce is (scary) and I can only imagine what he will be like as a big kid.

I fear for my grocery bill in a few years, because this boy can out-eat all of his brothers combined any one of his big brothers.

This boy has a very special place in my heart for a few of reasons. In addition to the fact that he was by far my best birth experience, when he was born, I knew it was quite possible likely that he would be my last baby and I have been cherishing each stage of babyhood.

Also, I learned a hard lesson last November when I briefly thought I might have to live without him. Major's accident has never been far from our minds during these eight months.

Through grieving with our friends for the loss of their son, we have a new and lasting appreciation for how each day, each moment is sacred.

Squirt, you make me smile and laugh every day. You warm my heart when I look at you and my life is richer because of you.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Squirt! Hope you had a fun celebration.

    He sounds so much like Jack Henry...especially in the "hard for me to say I'm done" category...he's just so sweet! Then I remember how many other children live here and I think, I'm good! :)

    Jack Henry can out eat his brothers, too, but only if it's one of the foods on his preferred list. He used to eat everything; now he's totally picky.

  2. precious pictures of the boys together!! Hope Noah and Brendan get to meet this summer. love you

  3. happy birthday to him! can you believe that our babies are two? time goes so fast doesn't it?! hope you had a fun day celebrating!!

  4. Happy Birthday! I love the pics of the boys. Life goes by too fast. =(

  5. He is so sweet! Happy Birthday to your little squirt!! Cute cute post!!

  6. Everyday truly is a gift.

    He is precious. You have such a beautiful family.

    Happy birthday sweet boy!

  7. You make it hard for me when I think we're just planning on our one when I see all of your beautiful boys together!

    Happy birthday to your little one.

  8. Happy birthday to your little guy!


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