Monday, June 15, 2009

I am so awesome

We were checking out at the grocery store today and the woman in front of me asked, "Are all these boys yours?"

This didn't surprise me. People notice my brood all the time. Sometimes they comment, sometimes they just raise an eyebrow, and sometimes they scream and run the other way.

I smiled, nodded, and answered, "Yes."

She just mouthed the word, "Wow, " and smiled politely at me.

My Hunter looked straight at her and said, "Yeah, Mom's awesome."

Cha-ching. Payday.

I'm wondering if my beloved told him to butter me up on the sly whenever possible.

Who cares, it worked.


  1. i love that kid! he just got some major points, didn't he?
    and yes, you are awesome! (i think so too)

  2. That Hunter is a very smart boy! Love it! And I too get those kinds of comments when I take all 3 of my boys out in public. I don't know why it's so shocking to some people.

  3. And you are!!!
    I wanna take my 4 out to get a self-esteem boost, but i don't think i'll get the same response.

    give that boy a big scoop of ice cream!


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