Monday, July 13, 2009

a camping we will go

P1040203 Camping is an odd activity choice if you really think about it.

We pack our minivan until it is ready to burst with sleeping bags, coolers full of food, bug spray, fishing poles, cooking utensils, pillows, a few clothes, sunscreen, and a tent to house the six of us for the weekend.

Oh, and the six of us.  And our dog.

We drive less than an hour into the wilderness and unload our deep woods essentials.

We endure rain, wind, and cold unpredictable weather.

We cart our food out of the car for meal times, and back in the car to prevent the bears from eating us attracting bears.

We sleep on the ground, or close to it.

We pee poop go potty in a hole in the ground.

P1040197Hubby has been known to climb dead trees to tear down branches for our fire.

I cook over a campfire for two to three meals a day.

Each evening we cart our trash to the bear-proof dumpsters.

Each night we lay down amongst the chatting, laughing, poking, and, "Mom I don't want to go to sleep!"  We try to drift off as quickly as possible because we know that morning will come soon.

We listen to the pre-dawn birds.

P1040258We wake to a two year old who has woken up way too early and noticed that he can see Mom, Dad, AND his brothers.

Did I mention that we go without showers and washing in general?

BUT boy, do we make some memories.

Like eating hot dogs covered in dirt for dinner and having to borrow ketchup and mustard from other campers because Mom forgot them.

Like s'mores, and s'mores, and s'mores.

Like Daddy making up songs at bedtime with lyrics that make all of us giggle and laugh and join in the silliness.

Like hiking up to secret ponds at 11,000 feet elevation and watching our boys frolic in the water, throw rocks, and slide down the remaining snow pack.

Donuts, real bacon, and fried eggs for breakfast.  Oh, and coffee never tasted better when you're short on sleep.

Last year at Shady Dell we had a fabulous farewell to our pop up camper.  Great weekend, but it was clearly time to sell the money pit.

Then we borrowed a tent and camped with the Swishers, but thought we hated tent camping because we were so crowded.  This year we bought an eight person tent so there is room for us to grow and stretch out.

It is great to get away from chores, computers, cell phones, and everyday life and just have us.



The boys love to climb.




Can you see the boy in the pond?P1040273


  1. it is a strange way to spend a weekend but i am surprisingly sad that we have not yet made it out this year! glad you all had fun.

  2. Great pictures! That's a beautiful location! I still haven't got the gumption to go camping with my bunch- one day. I'm getting inspired. a little. =)

  3. Fun! And then you can come home to your nice warm bed...
    Where did you go?

  4. Grow like in length. . .or number???

  5. I'm admittedly not a camper (I think they coined the phrase 'not a happy camper' after me.) but your pictures inspire me to want to someday brave it with my boys.

    Your family is beautiful Laurie. The pictures of the kids always make me smile.

    Hope you're well.

  6. With your usual elegant phrasing and amazing photographs, you manage to present something in which I had no previous interest, and make me think that maybe, just maybe I might be missing something. I'm no camper, but I am a big fan of living vicariously through you!

  7. Wonderful way to spend a weekend!



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