Sunday, February 21, 2010

someone stole my baby

That's what I keep saying around here.

IMG00005My little Squirt decided that he was a big enough boy to wear underwear back in September.  Easier than any of my first three little men.



He really hasn't had an accident for months, which is more than I can say for two of his older brothers.  Not even the traditional wet "dribble" circle, as most moms of boys know well.

I've been clinging to the fact that he loves his crib and binky (gasp!) and spends HOURS just trapped hanging out happily in his crib because that is the only place that he was allowed to have the bless-ed binky.

P1050119But then he gave up his crib one day.  Just out of the blue he asked to sleep in one of the bunk beds and when I didn't offer his binky, he just went to sleep happily.

And he has only asked for it one time in over a month.

Binky is gone.  Done.

Boo.  I wasn't ready for that at all.  It was not in my control or my time line and it threw me for an emotional loop.

Because then I had no excuse not to take down his crib.

And there isn't another baby coming to fill the crib, so the crib is soon to be sold online.

Along with the changing table, mobile, and other miscellaneous baby items that I have no excuse not to get rid of.

I have commented several times to women close to me that I know there are women out there who can't wait to get out of the baby stage.  They can't wait to say that they are done being pregnant, nursing and changing diapers.

I have heard them say how happy they are to have all their kids out of cribs and in school.

I'm just not one of those women.

IMG_0204Motherhood was something that I looked forward to all my life.  When it finally happened to me, it was a sweet season.  I had great pregnancies, great births, and I just love the baby stage.

So, I am not going to be afraid of what God has waiting in the next sweet stage for me and this awesome family He has given me.

But I will also step tenderly, and a little reluctantly, away from the baby stage - one day at a time.


  1. Potty training and the binky (in our house it is 'ukkie') are both upcoming struggles...I doubt our experience will be as blessed as yours.

    I feel the same way about moving out of the baby stage...and that would be the reason I am campaigning hard for number three...we'll see if I win!

  2. 100% agreed. Nice post, Laurie...way to make me want to cry at 8:15 in the morning! Thanking God for all the seasons, but not afraid to say that moving on is bittersweet.

  3. This is the sweetest post ever! You are a FABULOUS mom through and through. The baby stage is the best and it is sad to know that it flies away so fast....

  4. Such a sweet post. The best is still yet to come momma! =)
    I didn't feel the same way with my 1,2,3... but I do with the 4th knowing it's the last.
    Btw, you looked fabulous in that picture just after giving birth... What!?? HOW?? (I looked like I got run over by several trains.)

  5. sweet! i felt the same way when we decided to move jack henry out of his crib. i wasn't prepared for it yet!

    however, he professes that he doesn't like the potty, alas, i will be changing diapers forever.

    your sentiments in this post, though, are the same reason why the rocking chair i rocked my babies in will be making its way to our new house even though i won't be rocking any more diehl babies. i just can't part with it.

    while there are lots of awesome things about the kids getting older, most of it just makes me sad because like you, all my life i wanted to be a mom. and i failed to realize until just a couple of years ago how short these baby-growing/birthing years are!

    sorry for the book :)

  6. I always love your wistful posts about your growing men. my perspective is different, but reading about your passion for motherhood always reignites mine. have a great week, friend!

  7. Love you and love your boys - big and small. Also, I am just now seeing the post about your oldest being for sale. Any buyers or bidders yet? I'll take him!


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