Sunday, February 20, 2011

another date

Remember my date with Grace??

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting another one of my purely online friends.  I had been reading her blog for quite some time when, unfortunately, a great tragedy struck and our lives were connected beyond blogs and mothering boys.

Kathy is my friend Darcy's sister in-law.  Darcy gave birth to a sweet little boy a couple of weeks ago and Kathy came in from the middle of nowhere Nebraska for a visit.

Guess who insisted upon being her airport shuttle????


Despite only getting to hang out with her for less than an hour, I so enjoyed meeting face to face and sealing our long distance friendship with a hug!

Stay tuned, because in a few months I have a date to meet this mom of boys face to face for the first time.  We've only been putting "hope to someday share a cup of coffee" notes in our Christmas cards for about three years now!  Can't wait Nicole!


  1. CouldIlookmorelikeIjustcamefromtheairport?!?!?!??! Yikes.

    You are so, so beautiful Laurie. You know that right? Jed asked me if it was awkward {like we're online dating?!;o)} and I told him it was like seeing an old friend. And it was. And it is. You are dear. It was far too short. So thankful our lives will always connect. {And I would be happy to do much the same for you when you come to visit the Siberian neighborhood}

    So fun you're going to meet Nicole! Love it.

    Stay tuned for a shout out lady. Holla. Love to you. Thank you again, so much.

  2. YOu amaze me. You are so kind and loving to all you meet! That is why I love you so much!

  3. You are just the coolest mama--everyone wants to meet you!

    One thing I know for sure, once they meet you, they will miss you.
    Miss ya, girl!

  4. oh! i wish i could have been there to meet you BOTH at the same time! :)

    can't wait to meet up, laurie!


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