Wednesday, July 23, 2008

please enlighten me

OK, what the heck is the deal with Facebook?

I'm a thirty-something year old housewife and mother of four and my college friend sent me an email to see her Facebook page. So, after some significant hurdles of creating passwords and finding out who in my email address book might already belong to this teenage phenomena, I got to see her page.

MEANWHILE, pretty much everyone in my address book got an email saying I wanted to be their "friend." On top of all that, it was pretty much just MINUTES before the majority of them were responding.

Something's going on here.

My next door neighbor has a Facebook page - and she's 54 years old!!!

OK, I've been warned that I'll become addicted, but after perusing a couple of my "friends" pages I have to say...

I don't get it.

What's the attraction or addiction? Why has this flooded beyond teenagers who are growing up with no face to face relational skills, to real mid-life adults who have jobs, marriages, kids and mortgages???

Leave me a comment and tell me please... because as it stands now, I'm quitting dear "friends."


  1. you are a riot. did carrie leave send you the email? i'm making you "my friend" :) ha! it's an easy way to share info/pics w/ tons of people...that's my take.

  2. hmmmm...I have no idea. I think I tried it awhile back and it gave me a headache. just like myspace does.

  3. Yeah, I totally don't get it either. I feel so old.

  4. Well, if it makes you feel better, I'm younger than you by just a bit and I don't get it either. I had facebook for a while and was able to reconnect with a friend who lived in France I hadn't talked to in 10+ years. That was cool, but then the invitations to play this game or that quiz or do this or whatever became so long that I was trying to spend time doing that when I should have been playing with my kids. Um, I didn't chose to stay at home with them to be on the internet all day, kwim? I do spend my fair share of time online, but it's usually while they are engaged with something else. Anyway, long story short, I'm with you!

  5. i'm with you, too. i don't have a facebook or myspace page, and i don't feel like i need it. except it would be fun to try and find a couple of people that i've lost touch with.

    but as far as needing an easy way to share info and pics? that's what my blog is for.

  6. ummm, I feel the same. It does seem that everyone - from kids to adults - have a page. Many of my high school friends have them...doesn't your blog do the same as facebook?

  7. Amen. I don't get it either. Mike just created a facebook page and then all the sudden there was this web of about a thousand people. There's no way I have time for a facebook page and a blog. Mike checks his page all the time. It just confuses the heck out of me.

  8. Alright, it's about the flair. For me, it's all about the flair. That's the addiction.

  9. I am 51 and LOVE me crazy!

  10. You are too funny! I don't remember you being so funny - I guess that's what happens with so many boys - I think I have gone crazy myself. (with just one les boy) : ) I discovered your blog from Candis' - it's great to be updated with your family!

    OK, so THANK YOU about facebook. I thought I was the only one. My husband set one up and all of a sudden he gets these silly things saying someone bought him a Coke....WHAT????? That's just silly.... I don't get it either - Blogging is so much more practical!

    Love & Prayers!!!

  11. Why do you need to understand it? It is just for fun. Quit being an old fart.


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