Sunday, October 26, 2008

sweet as pie and tough as nails

Today our Rufus turned four years old.  We had our Aunt Mary Lou here from Atlanta to celebrate with a soccer party and we have had such a nice weekend together.

Rufus, we were so excited to find out we were expecting a third child.  We had such a great experience with two children, that we were anxious to add another to our clan.

My pregnancy with you was simple, healthy and easy.  I loved it.

Your delivery was my fastest out of three.  Contractions woke me up at about 3 a.m. on your birthday, we were heading to the hospital at about 6:30 a.m. and when we arrived, I was already nine centimeters dialated and completely effaced.

I was so excited to be so close to meeting you.

During my 13 minutes of pushing, my midwife Tina told me, "You have a blonde baby, Laurie!"

Because I was a blonde baby too, I pushed harder so I could meet you eye to eye.  Your daddy caught you and announced to the room full of people that we had a boy! 

We were so excited, we knew we were so blessed, and we were in love.

You were definitely the sweetest, most cuddly of all of our boys.  Still now, you have the ability to just mold your body to mine or your dad's and it is an awesome feeling.

You stand out in our family for being the only toe head.  But you also have a warm and affectionate personality that hasn't been matched.  As a baby, we thought you would be a life-long lover, but you have proven yourself to be a fighter as well.

You are tough in any argument, wrestling match, running race or anything that involves competition.  We sometimes just have to laugh at your determination to beat whatever comes your way.

I'm praying for you little boy.  I am asking that God would do great things through your determination and huge capacity for love.  I'm excited to see what He has planned!

We love you Rufus!


  1. how great laurie! happy birthday rufus! (is it true to say that squirt looks like him when he was a baby?!)
    have a fun party - and i remember your aunt! we stayed at her place in atlanta right?!

  2. I hope he has a great birthday. Your tribute to him is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Happy Birthday Rufus!!! You are coming to see us, right? You can't tease us like that and then not come and see us!! Tell your daddy to book the tickets already!

  4. A belated Happy Birthday, Rufus!

  5. Happy belated birthday Rufus, from your new buddy in Cal.


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