Monday, April 5, 2010

a victim of his own success

My Beloved titled this post.

I wanted to title it, "Clearly, We Have a Problem."

Or maybe, "Intervention:  The Hunting Edition."

Possibly, "Dead Things Belong Outside!"

This sign over the windows in his office says it all:


Almost exactly two years ago, we had this major expense addition to our home his office.

I'm sure you all remember THIS.  How could you forget?

Well, this boy took a little vacation at the taxidermist, but he's back!


I didn't expect his legs to still be attached... to a rock.


The other side of the office wall is the garage - I made sure that there was still room for my van if his hind end was popping through the other side.


One more - the man who is in total denial that he is over the top.  He's trying to look all tough, but he's so giddy about this thing, he's trying not to smile. 

(I have the same expression behind the camera, but for a different reason.  I see the new living room couch I want so badly hanging on the wall.)


Lest you forget, he also has these in his little 10x14 office.  That cutie pie holding the antlers is my trophy!

P1050289 P1050293

It is really sad when the hard-earned MBA diploma is in the floor under the animal heads, don't you think? (My blog, honey.  They will agree with me!).

I must go.... I need to find another recipe that disguises uses goat meat!

p.s. I might complain, but I secretly feel this way.


  1. i'm glad you blogged about it and yes, Kenyon, you DO have a problem if you think you are not over the top with all the animals in your office!

  2. O Laurie, I didn't realize the animals you lived with...I mean, trophies. Humongous ones. Can you hang laundry to dry on those antlers, or would that be disrespectful? And is that the expression the goat has when he saw Kenyon...(or was that the look of surprise, what was that?)

    A very intriguing post. I have so many more questions!

  3. Can I build the trophy room - seems like a larger man cave is in order here

  4. I don't know which post made me groan louder: the white goat hanging from your wall or the white snow piling up outside! Wow! Jules

  5. N I I I C C E!!!

    I have some very jealous men/boys in Eden.

  6. Hilarious! Does one get to choose how they are mounted, and did K choose the rock? Wow! You are a good wife, my friend! Let me know when you are ready to go pick out a couch! Rob went with K to get the goat - I'll go with you to hunt for a couch!

  7. You are one good woman! I'm not that nice....(as you well know).
    P.S. It's a blizzard here. How's your neck of the woods?

  8. All I can say is, WOW!!! I've got nothing else!


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