Tuesday, April 20, 2010

like online dating - for moms

One of the unexpected perks of blogging has been new friendships.

Well over a year ago, I received an email from a woman named Grace.  She had stumbled upon my blog and she also had four boys that were similar ages to my men.

Through our back and forth emailing, we formed a friendship.  We exchange Christmas cards and stay in touch through the challenges and victories of mothering four boys.

But, we had never met face to face.

Grace and I always joke about meeting for coffee, which is funny because we live about 12 hours away from each other.  Or about an hour and a half plane ride which I'm seriously considering now that we've met.

P1050235While making our whirlwind tour of Disneyland, Grace carved time out of her busy life to come and rescue me from my hotel and take me out to coffee.

Four hours later we realized that they were kicking us out of the coffee shop.

We had such a nice time together and I am amazed at the broad range of topics we covered in that relatively short period of time.

It was really the highlight of my trip and I can't wait to do it again Grace!


  1. I'm so jealous of Grace...getting to meet you face to face! So glad you got to do that!

    Someday, right? :)

  2. =)
    still smiling from our coffee night!
    love ya, g

  3. should I be worried? miss you.

  4. This is really cool- But seriously, who wouldn't love you?! You are SOOOO fabulous!

  5. I'm with Natallee. I know I'm the one who left, but I miss getting to see you. Glad you're a blogger, though. I feel I know you better than I did in person! Thanks for sharing.


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