Monday, March 5, 2012

solid plans

After the biggest whirlwind of travel planning, we have confirmed Joya's visa appointment on the 27th and scrapped our crappy flights to miraculously (not an exaggeration at.all.) have confirmed seats (sitting together) on sensible flights home on the 29th of March.

The process helped me double check where my trust lies, and I am thrilled we're coming home sooner than later.

Now for packing.....

This teaching segment from Beth Moore's study of the book of Esther has been put in full application throughout this adoption process, most notably here as we get closer to travel.  It is SO worth 14 minutes (it's not even video, just audio, so you can multi-task).  I have listened to it over and over during the last few weeks.

If ___________, then GOD.  Amen.


  1. I have sooooo done the same thing, girl! If ____, then GOD!

    Very excited for you guys and cannot wait to meet Joya :)

  2. Hello. I was given you name from Brooke. We are traveling at the same time as you to china to meet our 2 year old daughter. We too have 4 boys. Only ours are much different in age. We started this process 4 years ago. We had a failed adoption from Nepal like Brooke. Never thought we would have an 18,15,13,and 10 year old by the time we have our daughter. Love the title of your blog. LOL!!There is definitely not enough estrogen in this house! Could so relate to your "reality" post. We have looked forward to this day, but now that it is here I feel I am grieving my loss. I will no longer have all boys in the house(is something special about this). With boys this age, I have alot of freedom (I homeschool so I lack some freedom). I am so looking forward to being a mom to a girl, but I am still trying to take it all in. You wait and wait and wait and then there is this whirlwind of activity. Our 15 year old is traveling with us. He is 6'1" and blond. He is talling than my husband and me, although we are both tall. I have long reddish hair. I will have a pink and black backpack with purple and green ribbon tied on in two places. My blog is Maybe we will meet. We are staying at the China Hotel in GZ. Love the Beth Moore Esther series. If...we are suppose to meet, then God! (He will have to make it happen!) We leave early Wed. morning.

  3. Thinking of you today as I know you're on your way to meet your little girl! I have another friend leaving tonight as well... (they will be meeting their little girl in China on the 18th). So very excited for you all!!!


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