Monday, January 19, 2009

changing my tune

I can admit when I'm mistaken.  I can eat some crow.


This is one of those times.  Remember when I wrote this and this?

Well I gave it a chance like I told you all I would.  I kept my Facebook page and even looked at it once in a while.  Over the course of four months, it has morphed into something that represents a little fun.

I mean, it's not blogging or anything, but it has some valid
entertainment value.

SCAN0002 Facebook stock went up considerably to me when I found a dear friend from high school youth group (hi Jody!) that I have no idea how we ever lost touch.  Then, through her I found three of my high school youth group leaders.

I have been chuckling about the fact that these leaders seemed "old" to me when I was 15.  Apparently, I seemed quite young to them!

And now I realize how incredibly young they were (that's probably why they were so much fun).  In truth, we are probably are less than ten years apart in age.

And now we're peers.  It's been fun catching up and sharing pictures
of our kids.

It is even funnier to hear about their memories of me.  Apparently I was a precocious teenager (yes I had to look it up in the dictionary P.K. and thank you!).  I can't remember how Tony referred to me, but I'm sure I was quite a punk in his eyes.

That's okay though, because I remember those same leaders doing lip synching to MC Hammer and telling us about picking off and saving scabs to give to a girlfriend.

I also enjoy checking in to see that Ashley is playing Candyland, or Grace bought new wine glasses, or Jenny is tired, or my sister Amy is out in the cold, or when Nicole is covered in barf.

I stand corrected.


  1. I'm totally with ya...I felt like I was the last person on earth to sign up, but I really enjoy it.

    I was wrong.


  2. It is fun! Especially fun to find long lost friends. And then to know what your close friends are doing that day.

    Way to eat crow.

  3. I'm with ya too. I had my acct for a year before doing anything on there. Didn't get why it was addictive, why not just email... now, I check it everyday--chuckling at people's comments (people I may not even know!)

    So good to connect with you there and here! =)

  4. glad you have changed your mind about FB. And although I don't always change my status...I am not as tired today! =)

  5. hey - i'm glad you like it : ) it IS fun!!

  6. Too funny. My FB has totally taken off lately also! Very high school reunion!...just another thing I need to distract me from the laundry :o)


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