Tuesday, January 20, 2009

we start 'em early!

I try to be purposeful about NOT doing all the chores around here.  First of all, I can't do it all.  Secondly, I'm trying to keep my future daughter in-laws in mind and create men that know how to do household chores.

Sauce has always been my dishwasher man.  When it needs emptying, he is the one I call.

He recently recruited help in this department and I commend him for delegating...

plus it is about the cutest thing I've ever seen!


  1. The dishwaser. My least favorite chore. Ever.

  2. so cute!

    jack henry has been obsessed with the dishwasher since he could pull himself to standing. now, he opens and closes it and pulls out the shelves for me!

    as an aside: where does sauce put everything he takes out of the dishwasher since he's not tall enough to reach everything? my boys help with silverware, but that's it...and i think they should do more!

  3. so cute. Parker likes to take dishes out but they end up on the floor. Still have some work to do for his future wife.

  4. Yes the earlier the better b/c I have learned that it's nearly impossible to train a 37 year old male.

  5. i love how sauce's voice goes up as he talks to squirt! maggie is starting to help with the groceries. i love it : )

  6. I love the way the older boy talks in the high pitched voice, so so so cute.

    And the clapping? Sent me into cute overload. Love this video and yes, my daughter may marry your son.

    Also? Can I have your kitchen?

    That is all.

  7. I'm just happy to see that there is another mom that I admire who is okay with putting dropped silverware back in the "clean" drawer! Assuming, of course, that you left it there. If you took it out later and rewashed it, I'll be disappointed!


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