Sunday, January 11, 2009

double black diamonds

P1030410 When your kids grow up in a ski town, it is a safe bet that they'll surpass any average to above average adult skier by the age of eight or nine.

We have put them in the locals' program each season since they were each five years old - consisting of seven to ten Saturdays of skiing six hours with awesome instructors.

When I picked up Hunter and Sauce from their coaches this Saturday and said a few pleasantries, I was informed that they spent most of their day on black diamond and double black diamond runs.

Yet they were still asking to do another run when I got there!


We have reached a point with the older boys where it is FUN to ski with them.  It is no longer any work to take them along and they can ski anything on the mountain amazingly well.

How fun it will be when the little boys are at the "black diamond" level too!


  1. How fun is that! Growing up in sunny southern cal. I did not get any of that talent. In fact, I got hurt just trying to move on the snowboard yesterday.

  2. Another reason I like visiting your blog. Here we are, in 80 degrees weather... and I get to hop on over to your pad and see cute little snow bundles who are going to be expert skiers in no time (something my boys will never ever be...) Fun fun fun!

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  4. Ah...this brings me back to my first ski on a Senior Class Trip to Winter Park, Colorado last Spring. Gosh, I love skiing. This make me so jealous! I wish i could be on the black diamonds! I was lucky enough to make it to some easy blues. I get such a feeling every time I even think about skiing, so thank you for this post! Where do you live?

    And if you or anybody knows if the quality of any slopes in Wisconsin (I live in northern Illinois) comes close to comparing with Winter Park, I'd love to know. I'm hesitant to go up there because I'm worried that I'll be disappointed at not having the speed thrills I was able to have at Winter Park. You can reach me at !!


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