Thursday, April 16, 2009

a little cabin fever

Yes, I haven't been out of the house since we went to church on Sunday.

It's Thursday, people.

It just might be a little ugly inside these walls.

OK, it might be a little cute too:


I am the mother of five boys this week.  My youngest two are being affectionately referred to as "the twins."

Our little friend "Bean" is staying the week with us and he is just shy of three months older than Squirt, so it is really like having twins.

Bean's mom and dad are in Mexico getting some time away before their sweet baby girl arrives in July.  Coincidentally, they will be the ones caring for three-fourths of our brood while we are kissing the Blarney Stone NEXT WEEK!!!

Holy Crow.  I need to get packin'.

Another reason I haven't been out of the house (enter exhibit B):


I made it nice and large so you can see how ridiculously wet and SNOWY it has been here.  Between one and two FEET fell yesterday in my yard.  And this morning I woke up to record low temperatures, so the icicles are back.

I don't have the heart or energy to take another snow picture.

I'm the mother of twins, you know.  I'm busy!

On a side note, after day number one of twin duty, my beloved came in the door from work and asked how it was going with two - two year-olds.

"I could totally do twins!" I replied.

After a defeated breath he said, "Man, I was hoping this week would
overwhelm you."

I then asked him if he had forgotten that he's married to Superwoman.

Apparently, he had.


  1. Wow, FIVE boys -- you are Superwoman! Aren't twins just so much fun?!
    Just wanted to say hi. I do check in with your blog every so often. Hope all is well!

  2. you are amazing. Holy snow!! I won't tell you I was wearly flip flops and capris today. miss you

  3. Hang in there, the sun will (or is supposed to) come out tomorrow!

  4. Yes, you are superwoman in my book! I wouldn't be surprised one bit if there's a #5 one day. =)

  5. you ARE superwoman : ) I could totally see you with a couple more! Hope the week went well. Rest up - you are about to leave and have a great time with hubby!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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