Saturday, April 25, 2009

the countryside

Another cold and cloudy day here in Dublin. On our way down to the hotel breakfast this morning, we noticed the contents of the vending machine in the hallway... how do you think this would go over in the states?

Lastnight we went out to dinner with some new friends on the trip. I had my first Irish Beef Guinness stew with steamed potatoes - YUM! On the way out of the restaurant, this is what we watched on the street for a little bit.

Today we took a bus tour around the countryside of Dublin. We visited monastery ruins and burial grounds, as well as a quaint little Irish town. Here are some highlights:

This is our tour guide Liam Sinnot (he gave us the lowdown on "not sinning"). He's a very nice and humorous man.

We visited the Hills of Tara this afternoon. There are layers of history regarding this area of land, but this stone started as a pagan fertility symbol and later (when Christianity came to Ireland) was a spot for inaugurations of royalty.

Kenyon initially said he wasn't getting out of the bus for fear of what the stone might do to us.

But, after a few laughs, we decided to dare the stone:

We took some nodding dozes on our way back into town (jetlag is brutal) and finished the day off dodging traffic and touring Christ Church Cathedral, which we mistakenly thought was a Catholic church - nope, Protestant. It was beautiful and we got to hear a children's choir practicing while we walked through.


  1. oh, you are funny! i love how you are daring the stone yet, both of you are laying your hands on it : ) he he he....what might this trip just do to you both?! and i can't stop looking at your cute coat and purse? bought on your girls' trip? have fun!

  2. Fun! And you look very stylin' travelin'--- and fertility or royalty? it's all good!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love it.

    You are absolutely adorable...

    Jed and I are really enjoying the pictures of your trip (and are secretly coveting them. ;-)

  4. Oh Wow! Kenyo is such a "risk-taker". He even touched it! Impressive.

    Nice matching coats.

    Great pics. Beautiful!!

  5. So both are all smiles in every the coat and scarf. you are glowing in your colors even if it is raining...

  6. I second that, LOVE the coat and scarf!!!

  7. I would never, never dare that stone...


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