Friday, April 3, 2009

the time of year I could skip


Ten months out of the year I love where we live.  I would be very sad if we had to move from our town, our neighborhood, or our house.

March and April are the outlaws.  I am done with winter.  I'm done with snow.   I'm even done with skiing (the men in this house are not, however).

I'm done with snow tires and using the snow blower.  I'm done with icicles and I'm done with high heating bills.  I'm done with snow boots and winter coats.

As a result, I have gone into survival mode.  Hubby is out of town from Monday through Friday this week and I am anxious for some time out of the house...

by myself....

with my winter coat on, of course.

As I'm sure all ten of you have noticed, I've been ignoring the dishes the laundry the vacuuming the children my blog.  Night time comes and you'll find me in the fetal position zoned out on the couch (with blankets over me, of course, because it is still WINTER!!!).

There have been plenty of bloggable moments going on around here, but I just have not mustered the energy to write about them.

Like just this morning when I accidentally swung a gallon of apple juice off a lower shelf of the fridge and smacked Squirt square in the face with it... yes, his mom gave him his very first bloody nose.

Mother of the year, I tell ya!

There have been birthdays and ski races and did I mention snow?

I'm turning the corner though.  So expect my next post to be a bunch of random bloggy thoughts.

You missed me, didn' cha?


  1. Actually yes, I have missed your posts. In a way I envy you and the bloggy break you've had. The way you describe being curled up on the couch sounds so inviting and I rarely find myself able to enjoy that. I do not however envy your long winters. Yesterday we had a 70 degree sunny day but today it is windy and rainy and cold. And we wonder why we all get sick?

    And you had me laughing out loud at the apple juice incident. Oops! Poor kid.

    Welcome "back!"

  2. yeah, missed your 'chirpy voice' from your posts. too bad you can't migrate to warmer temps like the birds. =)

  3. OK "Mother of the Year"... Nice to hear from you again.

    And yes, you were missed!

  4. We've missed you, but I hear 'ya on the snow. Ready for some green.

  5. i did miss you, I can't believe the snow. We are on the cusp of spring but see a lot of rain, snow might be better??? more to do in it aleast. Can't wait to talk and catch up. Gary is out of town this weekend. I will call.

  6. I've definitely missed you! And do NOT envy all that snow...yuck.

    Glad you're back. Or will be after your husband is home and you've gotten a break away from the house!

  7. Please don't damage the grandsons!
    Spring is just around the corner.
    Luv ya

  8. it's about time...what do you do all day anyway? =)


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