Sunday, October 4, 2009

date night

While my hunters were hunting this fall, I took the opportunity to use some free tickets offered by our community soccer program to take my Sauce on a little date night.

I have been quite neglectful thus far in my parenting career to take time for one-on-one date nights with my boys.  It is definitely something that I've discovered is worth moving up my priority list.

Sauce has been ga-ga about sports from the time he could sit on his own.  His first word was "ball" and he has always been a little star in athletics.  It was a no brainer to take him to youth night at the Salt Lake Real (pronounced "Ray-Al") professional soccer game.

I pawned off the littlest men for the evening and Sauce and I went on our adventure.  I was pretty impressed that although some of his friends from his soccer team were there sitting around us goofing around and really not paying attention to the game, Sauce was captivated.

He watched and cheered as if we were watching the Chicago Bears out on the field.  The visiting opponents were the Chicago Fire soccer team, so I was torn as to who to cheer for.

Before the game:P1040733

All the youth soccer teams go to go out on the field for the National Anthem.  See my sauce in the lower left corner of the big screen???

My soccer star:P1040739

My handsome date:P1040740 

About a week later, Sauce brought up to me that he considered our date one of the best nights of his life.

I'm smitten!


  1. oh, i love date night!! I am so glad you guys had a fun night. i love his comment about it too- what a special time for you both!

  2. you look beautiful. What a perfect date night, you should be smitten. Your boys are precious. Save one for Logan, you pick.

  3. So, so wonderful. You guys are are beautiful. How blessed to have little men.


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