Friday, September 5, 2008

friends, flowers and fats


I needed a good day.

After a week and a half of wrestling my second grader into his position in life as a second grader, I needed a pick me up day.

My dear friends Christa and Jenny brought me lunch and cake (see above) AND presents. Then Ashley topped it off with my favorite junk foods delivered to my door. My hubby came home with flowers and I got to order chinese food for dinner (we don't eat it often because he doesn't really like it).

After dinner my sweetie gave me the present that I knew was coming (after all, sometimes I actually do DO the budget and he can't hide a purchase this big even if he doesn't give me the receipt!) - new FATS (or powder skis for you non-mountain people). They're the Volkl Aura in a 156 and they measure 130-94-113 (if you know what those measurements are, you're a real skier).

They look good on me don't they? Bring on the pow!


I needed a pick me up - because today it went a bit downhill. I was having some tooth pain and after a trip to the dentist, not only do I have a cracked molar, but he's sending me to see an endodontist (code for REALLY expensive) to confirm that I need a root canal.

Oh, then I just have to come back and get a crown put in.

I think I may have to sell my new fats to pay for my bad tooth.

I did get some good drugs to "bridge the gap" until I can get in to see the endodontist. So at least I will have a good buzz not be in pain for the next few days.

We did take a nice walk this afternoon over to the resort to get the boys their season passes and sign them up for their ski school programs for this year (cough, cough, cha-ching).

I'm thinking about selling my eggs to pay for ski school (just kidding honey, I'll keep them just for you!).

I took this picture of some of my men on my phone - not too bad. Check out the chair lift on the ridgeline up ahead.


Hopefully, the weekend will settle down though because after my husband left for his first second third fourth weekend of deer hunting, I was in my jammies by 7:30.

Then my entire bottom half got peed on while putting my youngest in his p.j.'s.

Oh, and another son thought his brother should brush his teeth with Baby Orajel tonight.

Without telling him.

Yeah, it's settling down just fine.


  1. Hey Laurie...nice skis! Also a belated Happy Birthday! Hope to see you guys soon (well, after we're done moving...again).
    Scott Balyo

  2. I have never been skiing...can I come over? Would you teach me? Is it possible to ski when it's warm outside?

    I did not know it was your birthday. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are too cute!

  3. 2nd grade? i guess i thought he was in first. yeah - micah brought homework home today and isn't too excited about all the reading and 15 spelling words instead of 10! : )
    anyway, love the skiis and aren't friends who bring junk food the best?! hope you enjoyed it with no guilt. and oh yeah, yah - it's hunting season! kevin just left to go buy a license. here we go!...

  4. Just from reading this post I know we're in the same boat as far as boys goes. The orajel toothbrushing is a stitch! I will be back and look forward to reading your blog. (Found you through Beth - I Should Be Folding Laundry).

  5. Oh yeah, baby, you'll be floatin' on the freshies this winter! You go girl! I think we should have a girls' ski day this winter once Erin pops that baby out. I'm using Tara's skiis this year. They're called "temptress." Makes me laugh every time I say it. They're pink and purple.

    Oh, and about that root canal--are you sure you need one? That's for OLD gits! Are you getting OLDer???


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