Saturday, September 20, 2008

my mother of the year moment

Remember the stream in our backyard?

Sauce and Rufus took Squirt down to play on the bridge today and I left the door open as I worked in the kitchen.

I started running a split second after I heard:

"Mom, he fell in!!!"

After I realized that Sauce had already rescued him by grabbing the back of his shirt and hauling his 23 lbs. back on the bridge, I went to get a towel.

And the camera.

Notice the right side of his body is covered in mud.


Remember this water is snow melt - COLD!!!


The mud was in his nostrils and caked in his right ear.


Do I get a medal or a monument for Mother of the Year?


  1. poor baby! glad he wasn't hurt. I'll bet that was a messy bath!

  2. We had a similar moment a few weeks ago. Because we have had so much rain, the ditches keep filling up with water. For some reason, the kids think these are their personal swimming pools. Well, they all went out to "swim" and the next thing I know, Cailin has fallen in (fished out by big brother, also) and looked much the same as Lucas. Difference was...I didn't think to grab the camera to document the moment. I was more concerned about comforting and cleaning up MY child (hee hee!!).

  3. Real moms grab the towel and the camera. Poor baby! Poor, muddy, cold, cute baby. ;o)

  4. Hands down! You get the award. Not because he fell in but that you stood there taking pictures of your poor cold, wet, baby. Where is the towel for the sweetie?!!!

  5. I love the fact that you grabbed the camera - in true Mommy Blogger fashion!


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