Friday, September 19, 2008

i pitty da fool that makes fun of our hair!

P1020958It is haircut day here in boyville. The summer shag was getting to be too much for me and although the long and messy look is quite the craze among little boys all around town, I insist on short and clean!

Hunter got out of it by leaving with Daddy for the weekend to the long anticipated Wyoming antelope hunt.

I have gone to the same hair dresser since my very first haircut here in this mountain town. Shalena has taken my hair from short to long, then cut it off for charity; made it lighter and made it darker; and helped me "enhance my natural frizz curl" and tamed my thick locks straight.

I have followed her to three different salons in town and now, because she has two little boys of her own, we meet in her home's basement salon.

I never thought that cutting little boys hair would be such a hit-or-miss adventure, so after a couple walk-in places butchered my boys hair, I have since religiously entrusted them to Shalena's scissors.

P1020966Squirt was growing quite the mullet in back and old-man-hair over his ears, so it was time for his first professional trim too.

As I was driving to our appointment, I realized that Shalena has given each of my four boys their first haircut! I needed her in a picture to record the event!


After shedding the extra weight of his hair, Sauce asked for a mohawk. Shalena promptly went to her cabinets to retrieve all the cementing products she would need for the "boys up-do." Of course, Rufus immediately needed one too - back in the chair with him. And we couldn't leave Squirt out!



The do's stayed in tact through soccer games too!



  1. i, too, prefer short hair on boys. and their haircuts are so cute! especially mohawked!

    jack henry is totally overdue for his third haircut (he's almost one!). i did it once (and have trimmed little bits here and there) and had my friend olivia trim it once, too. but now he really needs a little boy cut!

    your hair's looking cute, too! i finally get mine done tomorrow and i can't wait.


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