Thursday, December 11, 2008

i want to be 007

I need to borrow some equipment from James Bond.  I think a spy camera attached to my glasses or on a necklace would be helpful because it takes a huge amount of effort and coordination to catch memories on video.

All of my boys have used some sort of sign language in the early years.  I don't go nuts - they only use the basics to communicate simple needs and use manners before they have the words to say them.  I usually teach please, thank you, more, and all done.

Squirt has just learned (or decided to show us after months of training) "please" and it is stinkin adorable.  He looks like a baseball coach trying to direct the next pitch.

I just love this boy!  He is noisy and stubborn and hungry all the time, and did I mention noisy?  But he has his mommy's heart right in the palm of his hand and I am SO grateful to be the one home to see these sweet memories.


  1. That was too darn cute! I love that age.

  2. So, how did you do that 007, you had the bowl in one hand and the spoon in the other hand, where was the camera, on your head band??? You are both too cute!!! See you in 5 days!!!
    Love, Mom

  3. He and Joey needs to get together. Joey does the exact same gestures for "please"... like wiping his tummy. =)

  4. Do you think he will talk like he signs???Very cute!!!!

  5. love seeing Squirt sign...parker just claps his hands for everything...he will get it eventually!

  6. So fun to see him love on you last night. I love all your boys!

  7. that was cute - he acts much like maggie - hungry all the time, starting with the please, and busy, busy, busy.

  8. i'm embarrassed to admit that i forgot to teach jack henry signs (should have started it this summer, but there were more important things going on then). he is, of course, speaking later than the other two. i just started a few signs with him and he's starting to catch on just a bit!

    we do please, thank you, eat, more, and all done.

    cute video!


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